Hello! I am talking to you... - Your Laptop.


Just imagine: You simply click on a button on a website and a given text will be spoken with a human voice. And it is a real human voice – in your language.


Worldwide, 800 million people are not able to read. Some of them are disabled, others are too old to read the text. And some people are simply too lazy.


We want to give everybody the opportunity to gain a new income by speaking a text. You read out the text just once. And then you get paid for it throughout the rest of your life.


Easily increase the visit time of the users on your website. The longer they listen to a text read out by you, the longer your audience will stay on your speaking website.

Are you acquainted with the world wide web? Nowadays, the Internet resembles a baby, starting to walk around, finding its footing. You can see it everywhere, in the streets, showing up on smartphones, emerging on tablets and materializing on computer screens. Websites, blogs and ebooks are moving around everywhere. But what does a baby do when it is able to walk, what is the next step?

Right. It starts talking and begins to get a hold of our language. Forget all the computer voices you have ever been forced to listen to. Nobody wants to hear that sound. Therefore, we are working on the development of a new system which does not have any equals. It will allow any website, any blog or ebook to learn to speak and what is more, it will use the voice of a real human.

Our technology will be for free. Once you have embedded it, the texts on your website will begin to speak. Today, the Internet cannot speak. With your help we will try to change this. Join us and let‘s commence this journey together. Let‘s make it happen. Encourage our idea today and we will begin to mature it.


Whether one is restricted by health issues, shortage of time or one has no incentives to read a text, now you are able to relax and just listen.



Just embed a code snippet on your website and the text will be read out loud for you.




Context-sensitive Ads can be put in our audio streams. In this regard you can use it locally or internationally for your products.



Whenever your text is spoken with an additional Ad you will receive a payment.